My name is Michael. I’m 31 years old musician from Lithuania. I lived for 3 years in Iceland, 3 months in the United States and came back home to Lithuania. I travelled to 24 countries to find my inspiration in music.

Where has the story begun?

I started to play trumpet at music school. I played 4 years in orchestra. After graduating from music school I  started to study at Vilnius Tallat - Kelpsos musical conservatory and practiced piano as my second instrument.

After studies, I got inspired by a few artists who just enjoyed playing their favorite songs without any sheet of music. I started to train how to arrange the song, play it by ear on my own. Over time my ability to play by ear drastically improved and I challenged myself to learn anything I hear on the radio.

I started to upload my videos on YouTube to see people supporting my activity. 

Later I was invited to arrange songs, take live performances in cafes and also to do my music. I was invited to Riga to learn how to use software to create beats.

It was just begging and I’m still making beats till this day.

Today, I want to share music with the world and hope that my arrangements, way of playing, will inspire people to learn the piano and just relax with your favorite song transferred to beautiful piano covers.

I always try my best to express myself with music. For the newest info, please check my YouTube channel and Facebook Page.

More about me:

Hobbies: Music in all ways, cooking, fitness, healthy lifestyle, traveling, fashion and more!

People and youtube channels I'm following to build my personality: Alex Costa, Real men real style, David Sides, P. Miller, Johny May, Peter Bence, Coach Corey Wayne, Daniel Model lifestyle, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, Buzz videos and more!

Languages spoken: Lithuanian, Russian, Polish, English.

All rights reserved. Contact me for more info.